Telkom Integrity Line


PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. (“Telkom”) understands that the policy and procedure for handling complaints (whistleblower) is one of the elements of internal control at the entity level (entity level control) that must be designed and implemented by the Company to:

  • Prevent, identify, and detect possible fraudulent act and violation of applicable regulations, which may result in loss for TELKOM Group.
  • Provide formal channels for employees within TELKOM Group and other third parties to submit complaint.
  • Provide clear and consistent policy and procedure for handling complaint.

Therefore, Telkom collaborated with an independent party, PT Deloitte Advis Indonesia (“Deloitte”) invites all employees and other stakeholders to participate in monitoring the Company’s activities by launching Telkom Integrity Line.

Telkom Integrity Line is an independent whistleblowing service managed by Deloitte that gives you the opportunity to report any fraud or wrongdoings in the work environment either anonymously or non anonymously.

If you have knowledge of such wrongdoings happening in Telkom, see or suspect something that is not right, like:

  • Accounting and internal control over financial reporting issue
  • Audit issue
  • Violation of laws and regulations of capital market related to the company’s operation
  • Breach of internal policy
  • Fraud and/or abuse of position
  • Disrespectful behavior
  • Gratuity and bribe

Don’t turn a blind eye, don’t keep silent.  We encourage you to report it via Telkom Integrity Line to help make TELKOM Group a fair, safe, and honest place to work.